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Eco Water Softeners

Intelligent answers to hard water / Limescale



Ashwell Water Softeners was created in 2004 by Mark and Sara Allen - a new house and a new born baby with Eczema, post seeking professional help steered them down the Water Softener route.


Amazed with the results with a newly installed bathroom (lime scale free shower and glass) and with their son's skin condition improving dramatically they inadvertantly started promoting the benefits of softened water to friends and family - Mark started installing water softeners and Ashwell Water Softeners was formed...

Our AWS Eco Water Softeners use reliable & proven components, hence the 5 year warranty.


Our own units are assembled in the UK.


We work on, maintain, service, refurbish and recycled ALL makes and types of water softener.


We cannot always supply every brand or model - In the main as some manufacturers and suppliers use their own dealer network or approvd suppliers, often to regulate market prices and quality of service.


in the UK



hard water


We are truly independent & not tied to

any manufacturer or supplier.


At an educated guess there are over 300 different types of domestic water softener available on the uk market today ! There are over 50 brands with many manufacturers and distributors involved.


Ashwell Water Softeners supply and install Eco friendly Water Softeners - either selecting the most efficient unit for your needs or developing our own environmentally friendly softener solutions.


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