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Eco Water Softeners

Intelligent answers to hard water / Limescale


We supply, Install and maintain Water Softeners.


We're based in Ashwell, North Hertfordshire and cover Hertfordshire, South Cambridgeshire & Bedfordshire.


We are not tied to any industry manufacturer or supplier...


We offer you the most efficient systems based on your needs. Our 2018 Eco Water Softener is one of the most efficient & reliable units available on the market.



We are a family run business. We're independent, free from any ties with other companies or manufacturers.

Eco Water Softeners


Our New Water Softener model for 2018 is one of the most efficient units available on the market today. All of our softeners are designed for UK homes and plumbing systems. They are extremely well made and assembled in the UK.

Our Services


We replace, repair, refurbish and re-cycle water softeners.

We also supply & install environment friendly Water Softeners and drinking water systems.

Units designed for your home

Our "Eco" Water softeners range are specifically designed for UK homes.

and small businesses....

We also supply customised Eco Water softeners for small businesses and commercial applications - B&B's, Guest Houses, Steam Ovens, Cleaning companies etc. etc.

Local & Independent


Ashwell Water Softeners based in North Hertfordshire have built a strong reputation for quality, service and reliability.


Our design experience over 15+ years has allowed us to develop & perfect affordable Eco Water Softeners.

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